2021 Guide to How Much A Tree Removal Service Could Cost

In this guide, we will show you how much a tree removal from your property could cost you. Besides for an on-site inspection of the tree removal project, there’s no exact way of determining the cost of safely and properly removing at tree on your property. On inspection, tree removal service providers would usually have guidelines that would help make a correct and fair estimate for the project. For example, the complexity of the job which, often times correlates to the safety of your property, and the height of the tree may affect the pricing of the project significantly. With this, costing a tree removal project may vary from different tree service providers in your area, and will also be dependent on the equipment they use, location and condition of the tree, and time to complete the project. With this you’re probably here looking for an average cost of tree removal service? Based from our research and experience, we found out that tree service companies can charge for as low as $200 up to $1600 depending on your location and project size. Other tree service like stump removal will cost you even more if you do decide to uproot the stump as well. As for stump removal or stump grinding, it can cost from $65 to $375 for stump removal and $100 to $1000 for stump grinding.

What is included for the very basic tree removal service?

There are plenty different levels of tree removal services available when removing a tree from any property, but a few basic services are usually included with any package or recommendation that tree removal services usually provide. Firstly, the tree will be need to be chopped down. Typically, the tree expert will also have to remove pieces on top or the middle of the tree by climbing the tree and cutting the tree into a more manageable size. In many cases, it may also be hauled away by your tree removal service at no extra charge (or this is included in the estimate). Elite Tree Removal will always provide a free service of removing a tree on any basic tree removal service that they provide.

Tree Removal Related Services that May Cost Extra Money

Some people want more than a basic tree removal service for their tree removal project on their property. For example, if the price doesn’t include removing tree limbs before actually cutting the tree, you may have to pay extra for limb removal. Another, you may also have to pay for tree removal company to haul the tree away. There are plenty of other tree removal related services that may you cost you extra. Here’s a list of tree removal services that may cost you extra.

  • Stump removal is almost never included in the price of removing a tree from your property. Unless you pay extra for this service, tree removal service providers will usually leave the stump still in place on your property. Although you may ask for a discount or a special price to include stump removal into the whole package, it will depend greatly on what kind of tools and process they would use to get the job done. However, there are tree service providers that may not have the tools or the expertise to provide this service, and you might need to find someone else to do it separately which may cost you even more money. It is important to make sure that the your tree removal service provider has the capacity to remove stumps. Lastly, the diameter of the stump helps determine the cost of removing it. Pro Tree Removal says that you can expect to pay between $70 and $360 per stump. On a side note, a rotting stump should be cheaper to remove than a healthy, solid stump.
  • Limb Chipping is the process of remove limbs from the tree before it gets cut down. Instead of paying more to have the limbs hauled away, you may choose to have them chipped first. If the tree service provider has a chipper machine readily available, this shouldn’t increase the cost of the project much more. If it’s not included, you may have to pay around $75 more to have the limbs hauled away.
  • For tree trunks removals, usually companies will include this service with their initial pricing of the tree removal service project. If they don’t include this in, they should at the very least the cut the trunk into smaller pieces making it easier for you to dispose of them or move them around. If the company has not included the cost of hauling the tree away, they will most likely charge you extra for this if you prefer them to keep the trunk. The amount you’ll pay will vary depending on your location, but you’ll probably pay between $50 and $100 more for this extra service.
  • Travel expenses may vary depending on how far the tree removal service company is from your home or property. If you live in a remote area or far from the tree removal company, then they will most likely charge you more for their travel expenses, especially if you plan to have them haul away the tree. Part of this cost will include the gasoline used and the driver’s time.
  • Another add-on service that may cost you extra money is log splitting. If you request them to split logs for you, it will cost you extra depending on the amount of logs you would need for your fireplace. There is no fixed price for this service, but it can cost $75 on average.

Average Cost of Removing a Tree

Now that you have a feel for what the possible addition services are going to cost, you are probably thinking on how much you’ll actually have to pay to have specific varieties of tree removed. This will largely depend on the height of the tree and the width of its trunk. On average, it can cost between $150 and $500 for tree 25 feet tall, $200 to $1000 for trees 25-75 feet tall, and $1500 for trees over 75 feet.

Large Tree Removal – $1500

Since you will need a few special equipment and a team of highly trained specialists, there is no realistic way for any homeowner to safely remove a large tree from his or her property. You definitely don’t want to attempt this type of job yourself, so that you can avoid damaging your property or potentially harming yourself and your loved ones. Silver City Tree Service of Meriden, CT provides that extra care for you and your family with a wide range of tree removal equipment that brings trees down in a safely manor. One thing to be aware of right away is that removing a large tree from your property is going to be expensive. The total cost of the job is calculated based on a number of different factors. If the specialists have to climb really high and rope down many branches  before actually felling the tree, which is usually the case for really tall trees, then expect your total bill to be quite expensive. As noted above, you could pay $1,500 and maybe even more for that level of service. If possible, you can haggle for a few small extra services to be thrown in for free, but not all tree removal service companies are willing to do so.

Fallen Tree Removal – $75 to $150

You will probably want to clear it away as quickly as possible if a tree falls on your property. Although this job isn’t nearly as risky or complicated as removing a healthy, living tree, you may try possibly remove this tree on your own, but it still requires a lot of tree removal tools and can lead to injuries if you’re not careful. The good news is that the cost to remove a fallen tree is typically a lot cheaper than removing a standing tree. Based from our research and experience, you will probably pay between $75 and $150 for the work.

Oak Tree Removal – $200 to $1000

The oak tree has one of the strongest and toughest wood in comparison to other tree varieties. For that reason, having oak trees removed by tree removal services may cost higher than usual. Oak trees are also very tall, and on average can grow up to 60 feet, which is another reason why they are more expensive to remove. Based from our experience, the average cost for oak tree removal can be between $200 and $1,000.  Due to the fact that oak is such a solid, thick wood, your total cost will probably fall on the higher end of the scale. Before you start on this project, please make sure you have a really good reason to have it removed before spending that kind of money on removing such a beautiful tree!

Pine Tree Removal – $200 to $1500

There are many different kinds of pine trees out there, and the average height of a pine tree is between 40 and 60 feet and some varieties may grow up to 80 feet though. As stated on this article earlier, the total cost of tree removal that you’ll pay to have a tree removed depends on how tall and wide the tree is. In this case, if you have a relatively smaller pine tree, you might pay as little as $200 or so. If your pine tree is close to the 80 feet mark, the tree removal service may charge you $1,500 or maybe even more. This is a good example of why it is important to find a few tree removal quotes from different contractors before hiring one as it could get really expensive.

Tree Stump Removal – $65 to $1000

Stump removal prices vary depending on which method your contractor would you to remove the stump. For stump removal, it is only advisable to do this if the roots are decayed or pests are a problem, then having the whole stump and root system removed is what you need. If the roots are not causing any destruction and there is no pest problem, then stump grinding would be the way to go.

Factors that Affect Tree Removal Prices

  • Size – The total height and the size of the diameter of the tree increases the price dramatically
  • Condition – If the tree is healthy and strong, your tree removal service may charge you more. If it is dead, dying or rotting, the work will be much easier and should result in a lower price. If you’re not offered a reasonable price, you can always haggle and make a point that the tree isn’t as healthy and strong.
  • Location – It’s cheaper to have a tree removed if it is safely away from houses and other obstacles in your property. If there are many risks for damages to occur, the tree removal service provider is sure to charge more for the project. After all, they will be held liable for any piece of property that they could possibly damage in the tree removal process.

Tree Trimming and Maintenance

To further increase your property’s curb appeal, it is important to periodically need to have the trees on your property trimmed into shape or at the very least maintained. This could be a very time consuming process if done alone, so you can always higher a tree specialist like D’s Tree Service to help you make your trees look more aesthetically please through trimming and pruning. The cost of tree trimming and maintenance can be different from area to area, and could have a number of pricing factors included as well.