How to Know You’re Getting a Fair Estimate from a Tree Service

Getting a Fair Estimate from a Tree Service can be more difficult than you’d think.  Many Tree Service Estimators will be use big words, talk down their competition and employ high pressure sales tactics to take an upfront deposit.  Sometimes those people who seem the nicest during the “Free Estimate” are the guys that will be ripping you off the worst.  On the other hand there’s friendly Tree Service Companies that don’t use pressure and give a fair price to their potential customers.  However, one of their biggest fears is that they’ll be undercut by what’s known as a pick up truck tree service.

The notorious “pick up truck tree service” is the guy who’s got zero overhead and willing to give the lowest price every time.  This tree guy is a smooth talker as well, but little do you know he’s got no insurance.  No insurance means that you’ll be footing the bill if any of the tree climbers slip on some wet bark while taking down your oak tree.  No insurance usually means no licensing too which translates to the tree they are removing falling into your house and your homeowners insurance not footing the bill.

Here’s How to Know Your Getting a Fair Estimate from a Tree Service from the Tree Service Company Owners themselves:

I’m Josh with Mr Tree Service of Fairfield Connecticut.  My biggest tip on how to get a fair estimate is to get 3 estimates.  Not 5, certainly not 10, but 3 estimates.  Don’t choose the highest price and don’t choose the lowest.  Always go with the middle – that is as long as the middle priced estimate doesn’t show up in a pick up truck.  Make sure they have a Facebook Page, a listing on Google and a page on the Better Business Bureau too.

Dear Homeowners, I’m David with New Fairfield Tree Service.  My #1 tip for how to get a fair estimate is to go with your gut.  If something seems off about the estimate – trust your instincts.  If the estimator is using big words, ask questions and have him explain himself.  Always check to make sure their tree company is licensed and insured.  Never give a deposit.  No true tree company requires a deposit.  They require a handshake – that’s how thing work!

We hope that these tips on How to Figure Out if You’re Getting a Fair Tree Service Estimate helps you make the right decision!

Until next time!