How to Negotiate for Cheaper Tree Removal Rates

Now that we’ve covered how to know that you’re getting a fair estimate on your tree removal project. You should also know that like most services, tree removal service providers can also be very flexible when it comes charging their clients for any tree removal project that they might have. There are three steps that you will need to understand and take, before getting a good discount from your tree removal service provider. First of all, you will need to understand what would be the average price of removing different kinds of trees. This will vary between different sizes and shapes of trees, and if you would get extra services done after the tree has been chopped down. Secondly, you will need to understand the costs from the point of view of the your tree removal service provider. Not only do you need to take note of the number of hours they will need to work to complete the project, but also you will need to take into account their experience, skill, and any special tree removal equipment and tools that they will be using for the project. Now that you understand the average price of tree removal and how much it would cost your tree removal service provider to complete the project, you can now easily identify where you can potentially save some money on your tree removal project. We will be expounding on these three steps below, so that you can finally get the cheapest price from your tree removal service provider to get your tree removal project going. Let’s get started!

Average price of tree removal for different kinds of trees

The average price of hiring any tree removal expert can cost you between $200 to $1600 depending on the size of the tree, and availing any of their add-on services will cost you extra. Besides the prices we will be stating on our list below, these add-on services are usually already included in the total cost of the entire project. The add-on services may vary very differently from each tree service provider, but among the other add-on services that might be included are stump removal, limb chipping which is removing branches from the top of the tree before actually chopping down the tree, tree trunk hauling, travel expenses of their truck or car service, and log splitting. Here are the costs that you will incur for different kinds of trees that your tree removal expert may offer:

  • Large Tree Removal: $1000 – $1500
  • Medium Tree Removal: $500 – $1000
  • Small Tree Removal: $200 – $500
  • Fallen Tree Removal: $75 – $150
  • Tree Stump Removal: $65 – $1000

Understand the cost your tree expert will incur for your tree removal project

Now that you understand the average price of cutting down different kinds of trees. It’s also important to be able to understand the costs that your tree expert will incur for any kind of tree removal project that you are planning. First off, the tree experts need to prioritize their safety, and if they see any hazardous stems or branches that might fall on them during the process, they might increase the price of the entire project substantially. If possible, it is also important to remove and clear any obstacles or property such as your home or electrical lines and poles that could be potentially be damaged during the tree removal process.

Once the tree expert has scoped out the size of the project and potential hazardous objects or obstacles that he or she might encounter, he will then make a recommendation based on your specific tree removal needs. From there, he will identify which kind tree removal and stump removal equipment he will need to use to complete the project. These equipment are usually heavy duty, and are very expensive, so he or she will be including this with the total cost of the tree removal.

As much as possible, it is important to make to not use services that offer much lower prices. It is important to stay within the price range stated above, because tree removal service providers with very cheap rates compared to other services such as theirs might not have the experience or the equipment to properly complete the project. It is very doubtful whether or not the person will be qualified enough or licensed if an accidental logger attempts to remove your tree at a very cheap price. For example, if an accident occurs while cutting a tree, the owner of the property will be solely held liable for damage caused by the tree and for any damage to the property or any potential injuries that could happen to anyone in the vicinity. In summary, It is very important to hire an experienced tree removal  service like Newtown Tree Removal.

Negotiate for cheaper rates with your tree service expert

Understanding the different prices and costs that will incur during this tree removal project will help you decrease the cost of any tree removal project that you have in the future. It is essential to know these kinds of information because without knowing the different prices and costs can lead you to having an overpriced rate or even an underpriced rate if the tree removal service provider isn’t experienced or well-equipped unlike other tree removal services in your area. To reduce costs, you can try avoiding any of the add-on services by facilitating it and doing it by yourself. Instead of agreeing with them to haul the chopped logs, you can instead save it, and use it for a barbecue or store them and use them for firewood when it gets chilly during the winter season.  Another way of negotiating for cheaper rates is by asking them to leave the stump and just remove it by yourself later on when you have the time to do it. The easiest way to do this is by renting a stump shredder, and pull it out yourself. Renting a stump shredder can cost you between only $100 to $150 a day, so renting a stump shredder in comparison to paying $1000 to get your stump removed makes a lot of sense when you’re trying to save on money. Thirdly, once the whole project is complete you can just handle the excess garbage such as branches, stems, bark, and leaves by cleaning it yourself. Lastly, it doesn’t hurt if you just decide to simply ask for a discount from your tree removal service specialist.

Now that you’re fully informed on the potential costs and average pricing from most if not all tree removal service companies. You can now get started on your project without having to worry about it being expensive.